Gatlinburg Weather -Seasonal look into Gatlinburg Weather

Gatlinburg weather

Gatlinburg weather can transform rapidly due to the city’s high elevation. The conditions are normally moderate and far from the extremes. For those of you that are planning to travel to Gatlinburg for your vacation, it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the weather during the different seasons. Below, we have created a short guide on Gatlinburg weather. This Gatlinburg weather guide will introduce you to the Gatlinburg weather during the summer, autumn, winter, and spring months.

Gatlinburg Weather in Summer

Average Temperatures

  • June – 84º, 71 º
  • July – 86 º, 75 º
  • August – 86 º, 74 º

During the summer, when school is out, Gatlinburg weather is at its hottest, but don’t let that get you down, because there are plenty of warm summer activities to take part in while in Gatlinburg. A summer vacation to Gatlinburg is an amazing experience for many families. Don’t forget to grab your inner tube as there are many swimming holes in the mountain springs – the hot Gatlinburg weather will give you the opportunity to take advantage of those glistening streams. During the summer months, there are a great deal of attractions and entertainment for the entire family.  Gatlinburg summer events include the first Independence Day Parade for the nation (at the stroke of midnight), a Craftsmen’s Fair in July, and whitewater rafting in Gatlinburg. During the night, the temperatures range from cool to moderate and during the day, the temperatures range from moderate to warm. For brief periods in the afternoon, showers may occur, siwould be a good idea to take a poncho along with you. Other summer attractions in Gatlinburg include Mountain Hounds Weekend, Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales, Fourth of July Midnight Parade, and Free Parkway Trolley- Gatlinburg visitors are given additional means to explore the Parkway via this shuttle route that is free for the summer starting in June.

Gatlinburg Weather in Autumn

 Average Temperatures

  • September – 80 º, 60 º
  • October 69 º, 56 º
  • November 59 º, 46 º

Many individuals love the Gatlinburg weather during the month of Autumn. It is still warm enough for you to wear shorts for a couple of weeks after Labor Day, but make sure you take a jacket with you for when you go up to the mountain. In Gatlinburg, during the fall, all attractions are still going on. During autumn, it is still warm enough for you to enjoy a nice hike and a bike ride up the mountains without freezing. Seeing the Smokies during the month of October is definitely something you have to experience. As the leaves start to peak over the middle to the end, October becomes one of the busiest months in Gatlinburg. If you’re planning to visit Tennessee and stay in a Gatlinburg cabin or chalet, be sure and book it months in advance.  Fun things to do in Gatlinburg during the fall months include The Smoky Mountain Harvest Festival, Autumn Colors in the Smokies, Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair, and the Great Smoky Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts Show.

Gatlinburg Weather in Winter

Average Temperatures

  • December 49 º, 38 º
  • January 45 º, 34 º
  • February 50 º, 38 º

The Gatlinburg weather during the winter months will vary. You will see sporadic snow fall in Gatlinburg and many valley areas. However, typically, there will be snow all year long in high elevations including Ober Gatlinburg and Mt. Leconte. Regardless, whether there’s snow or no snow, you’ll probably need a heavy jacket for most of the winter season. Skiing is one the many Gatlinburg activities in winter you should partake in. Gatlinburg is home to the best ski resort in Tennessee.  Whether you’re into downhill skiing at Ober Gatlinburg or cross-country skiing at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Gatlinburg has something for everyone.  If you aren’t a skier, you will still find plenty of good reasons to come in the winter months. All Gatlinburg attractions, except Dollywood are open. The shops, music theaters, and outlet malls are open year-round.  Despite it all, the Gatlinburg weather during the winter months opens up new Gatlinburg events including Gatlinburg Winter Magic, Festival of Trees, Christmas on ice, and Ober Gatlinburg Winter Sports.

Gatlinburg Weather in Spring

Average Temperatures

  • March 60 º, 47 º
  • April 69 º, 55 º
  • May 77 º, 64 º

During the spring months, the Gatlinburg weather will start to change as the green leaves start to peak. The greening of the Smoky Mountains early in the year is truly magical; it’s wide palette of color and the returning feeling of “being alive” brought by the Earth during its finest month of renewal. Make sure you bring both short and long sleeved clothes as it may be warm during the day, but it could be cool during the night. Many people are eager to go out and revel in life after being cooped up all winter. Gatlinburg events in spring include Smoky Mountain SpringFest, Gatlinburg Farmer’s Market, and Smoky Mountain Trout Tournament, and Ribfest, Wings, and BBQ in Gatlinburg-sample the area’s finest BBQ at Gatlinburg’s famous cook off.

Regardless of what season you visit, Gatlinburg weather is one of those things people enjoy about being in Gatlinburg.

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