The Secret of Gatlinburg

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When you think of exciting vacations that have appeal for the whole family, what locations spring to mind?  Did you say Disneyland, where children’s fantasies come to life in a magical kingdom?  Did you say Las Vegas, where the bright lights, fine dining, shows and entertainment run non-stop every day of the year?  Did you say Gatlinburg?  What?  You didn’t say Gatlinburg?  Well, you should have.  If Gatlinburg was not the first words on your lips when you thought of the perfect vacation, it is because you don’t know the secret.  Well that is about to change.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea, relax with your iPad, tablet, laptop or whatever device you are using to read this article and get ready to learn something few people around you know.

Gatlinburg is a small city in Tennessee with a population just over 3,000 residents. The city borders the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The proximity of the park along with many man-made attractions makes Gatlinburg the perfect spot for a vacation.

Gatlinburg waterfall

For the outdoor enthusiasts, Gatlinburg offers: bicycling, bird watching, camping, fishing, golf, guided nature tours, hiking, horseback riding and white water rafting.  If the great outdoors does not thrill you, take the kids to Old Gatlinburg Golf and Games that boasts indoor and outdoor courses (including a blacklight course).  The story-telling outdoor courses have won an award for their creative settings.  Of course you will need to relax after all that fun mini golf so take a ride up the space needle and stand in awe of the 360 degree views of the beautiful, mountain nestled city.  Once relaxed by this repose, you don’t need to leave the Space Needle to find more fun.  Stick around for Jon Dee’s comedy show, zap friends and family with lazer tag, play dress up and go back in time with Old Tyme Photo and dine on pizza and ice cream in the bistro.  You could easily spend the whole day at the Space Needle and leave wanting to come back for more.

If you and your family love movies, kick it up a notch with the exciting Motion Ride movie theater.  Unlike traditional motion simulators, the screen moves along with the seats, offering you the closest you may ever be to exploring a terrifying underground labyrinth, mining a volcano, sliding down a glacier, racing slot cars, zooming into a canyon, and surviving the world’s tallest roller coaster.  It’s the best way to get thrills and chills from the safety of your seat.  At the Motion Ride movie theatre, you can be a daredevil at several shows for one low, budget friendly price.

You do not need to be on a family vacation to enjoy the wonders of Gatlinburg.  Elk Springs Resort offers a peaceful, quiet soul restoring rest for those looking for a place where luxury and nature go hand in hand.  Arts and crafts enthusiasts flock here to see nation’s largest organization of independent artisans and to purchase handmade items and jewelry that you simply can’t find in big box retail stores.  Wine and beer drinkers come for the legal moonshine, craft beer and local fine wines. Couples come to wed with the majestic mountains as a backdrop to their pledge of everlasting love.

There is so much more to say about the things to do and see in Gatlinburg.  However, I am sure duty is calling you away.  Your break at work is over, the kids need attention, the fridge is calling out for groceries and the boss keeps your Blackberry ringing.  Yet as you close your laptop, power down your mobile device, and return to your daily life, what you just read about Gatlinburg will stay with you for hours.  It starts off as a thought, “hey, maybe I should go there”, which is followed by a Google search in which you discover even more activities, attractions and dining, which leads you to check the prices of these fun things to do and experience, which results in you discovering that vacations in Gatlinburg are very affordable and  budget friendly.  What comes next?  A visit to Gatlinburg, of course!

So that is it.  You have just discovered the secret of Gatlinburg.  What is that secret?  It is that paradise does exist on earth.  It is tucked away at the foothold of mountains and it is quietly waiting to change your life.  Visit Gatlinburg today.  The only thing you have to lose is your exhaustion and stress.  The many things you have to gain are the experiences that will enrich your soul for a lifetime.


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